Is Your Trucking Business Ready for the Post-Covid World?

While the COVID-19 pandemic has struck the entire world, it has had varying effects on the trucking industry. While the demand for the supply of emergency deliveries shot up and truckers are overworked, the demand for delivery to restaurants and equipment for events has completely ceased. As the world is slowly coming to terms with the pandemic and economies grapple to function, the trucking business has some serious concerns that must be addressed.

First and Foremost, are You Safe Enough?

The world is slowly opening up, businesses are back in action again, but the pandemic is far from over. Precautions are a must for the truckers as they make deliveries in the post-COVID time. The first rule to be strictly followed is to ensure that the trucks and the goods to be delivered are sanitized properly. Provisions must be made to sanitize “high touch areas.” High touch areas are those that are susceptible to frequent touch. This includes the handles, latches, steering wheel, and mirrors. Don’t leave any stone unturned and invest in sanitizers and protective gear by applying for merchant cash advances from Mantis Funding. 

Have You Digitized Your Documents?

The safest way to conduct business in the post- COVID world is to minimize physical touch. Trucking invariably involves a lot of documentation. Every person involved in every step of delivery, be it the driver, the warehouse employees, or any other staff responsible for the logistics, has to handle documents. The documents move hands and could likely spread an infection across a long distance. Digitization of the documents is the only way to avoid this risk of spread. Not only does it help break the chain of the spread of the virus, but it also makes the entire process of verification of documents easier. Mantis Funding cash advances can be procured to invest in the digitization of all documents to work in a post-COVID world. 

Have You Upgraded Your Trucks with the Right Technology?

The trucks undoubtedly get exposed to the elements of nature. It is true that the exposure cannot be prevented, but truck drivers can keep themselves protected. A truck driver will have to come out of the confined space to inspect the truck and check if everything is alright and can get affected, but the use of IoT devices can prevent this. IoT devices allow truckers to monitor the various aspects of the truck from within the truck itself. Mantis Funding allows truckers to avail cash advances within three days of application, thereby offering timely cash advances to meet the upgrades required in a post-COVID world.

Have You Incorporated Cashless Modes of Payment?

As with documents, the exchange of cash or cheques increases the risk of transmission of the virus. This risk can be neutralized by adopting cashless modes of payments. In addition to neutralizing the risk of transmission, this also does away with the cumbersome task of keeping accounts as invoices are automatically generated and documented. Mantis Funding cash advances can be availed irrespective of credit score to incorporate a cashless mode of payment into the business. 

Are You Equipped to Communicate Effectively?

In this battle against COVID-19, we stand united as one. Authorities at the federal and local levels are continually communicating with the health department and the residents and business owners. A trucker must effectively communicate with the various people involved in delivery, including the authorities. This requires them to upgrade communication devices, equip those involved with the latest tech, and train logistics staff in communicating effectively during this pandemic. 

How Cash Advance in Tight Conditions Can Be A Game Changer for Retail Stores?

The curve is going up, and it seems things are improving. The internet revolution has played out things in our favor! The bright sunny days await, as SME owners look to ply their trades. Within this segment, retail store owners are the ones who will reap the benefits. However, the question is, how will they?

It is a gospel truth that a retail store owner will never go out of business. But, this is only possible when he maintains a smooth working capital. Considering the turbulences we have been facing so far, it is hard to say that it will be easy to achieve things without substantial funding. And to stay ahead of the competition, an owner needs funds to upgrade their store and inventory.

Also, they have to pay their staff well according to the standard industry rate else, there is a chance of them getting poached by another competitor. Also, there has to be sufficient back-up in the bank to fall during adversity. Considering this, we can say that funding does play a crucial role. 

This is where alt-fin firms like Mantis funding comes into the picture. With their financing options like that of Mantis Funding Cash Advance, a retail store owner can streamline things the way he wants. Moreover, the repayment plan of paying with your future sales or card swipes can also augment well into the system.

There won’t be a burden on the owner or his pocket to pay the regular EMIs. Furthermore, while deciding the repayment structure, a retailer can choose whether he wishes to payback based on daily, weekly, or monthly sales or card swipes.

Besides, there won’t be any liability as to how one can use funds. Alt-fin firms don’t monitor this aspect. They believe in giving full freedom to the applicant to use their funds in the best possible manner. So, if you intend to use the funds for the latest technology, you can use it without any restrictions.

Also, you can utilize the Mantis Funding Cash Advance for loading up your stock with in-demand goods or seasonal products before the peak season. Also, you can use up the stock to meet the other financial necessities like that of a hike in payroll. Your employee is your arsenal. Irrespective of how good your store is, losing an experienced and hard-working employee is a befitting loss to your aspirations.

Hence, an apportioned of your cash advance can help you in overcoming these issues. Besides, it can also help you in hiring more employees for the job. Having a strong workforce is a sign of growth, not forgetting that a trained and big workforce can deal with a plethora of customers in the bustling season.

So, if you feel that the time has arrived where you need to opt for retail store financing, pick your phone and drop your query to the Mantis Funding Complaints team.

Why injecting a dose of Funding is Quintessential for an Expansion Plan?

What’s a business without a plan, and, what’s a plan without the proper source of funding? Yes, one can argue the fact that savings of an SME owner can sufficiently fuel their working capital.

However, try to look closely at the constantly changing scenarios around you. There might be a chance where employees raise concerns over their payrolls; there might be a chance to invest in a product that can enhance your reputation and many more uncontrolled factors that can instantly make you feel that you are inadequately prepared to face the upcoming financial challenges.

Still, the question here is: Who is going to help in these uncertain times?

While pondering upon this question, one can conveniently strikeout traditional from their list. Approaching traditional channels, as a small or medium enterprise, is like rubbing stone in hope of producing a genie. Neither the genie is going to come out nor is the traditional channel going to provide funds.

Their quest for credit scores and collaterals blindfolds them from the fact that their rigid regulations have disabled the economical backbone of the country.  They are depriving the hardworking businessman of their basic right!

However, all is not lost. There are channels that are injecting essential funds into the soul of a business, that too without caring about credit score or collaterals!

Alt-fin firms have tailored themselves to suit small and medium enterprises’ needs. They are working to ensure that SMEs grow and expand. Their innovation is shaping the future of funding. Besides, a decade long experience in the financing industry, alt-fin firms are doing things that traditional channels were expected to do. It will be fair to say that they are the most reliable source of funding.

And, the online Mantis Funding Reviews substantiates the above assertion. Hence, one can clearly make out that partnering with the alt-fin firm is a wise decision for an SME owner. Also, it is a very good means of bridging the gap between funds and business. Apart from that, partnering with firms like Mantis Funding ensures easy repayment schemes. These flexible repayment options ensure that you grow along with your partnered firm. Hence, it builds a long-term relationship with them.

The best thing about them is that they are not conventional. They don’t rely on a standard measure to help an organization. They understand that different businesses have different needs. Thus, their main area of focus while reviewing an application is the SME’s duration in the market, its business model, transaction history, revenue stream, etc.  This gave them a holistic approach to measure an applicant’s potential to pay them back.

Alt-fin firms are working to fuel the confidence of an SME owner. They want to promote a feeling of togetherness which enables them to provide an opportunity of all-round development for SMEs. Besides, empowering the SME owner with funds and easy repayment options is just a part of their big process. So, if you are an SME owner and are looking to expand your business; this is the time for you to call Mantis Funding and get quintessential funds injected into your business.

3 ways in which an SME can enhance their customer experience

Just a click, and your competitor has acquired what you craved for years. This is the fickle nature of the internet. There is no doubt over the fact it has brought about a plethora of benefits to a businessman. However, one also cannot deny that the internet is the reason for the rise in competitors.

They need to keep things engaging in order to hold on to their customers. The constant need to upgrade is like a sword hanging on their heads, and, last but not least, they have to look after the ROI by identifying and enhancing their target audience and services.

Being online also threatens the product and brand’s value in the market. It’s like selling the same shampoo in two different bottles; one has a beautiful outlook and the other with a rustic look. If someone else comes up with the same product as their competitor with an alluring content, the chances of a customer getting attracted are likely to be in his favor. Hence, adding more pressure to focus on customer loyalty.

All in all, one thing is certain; and, that is, apart from the quality, a small or medium-scale businessman should focus on the new marketing techniques to meet the ever-increasing creative demands of the market.

So this brings us to the questions, given the nature of the market; what should a small and a medium-scale businessman do to survive in this market?

Work to get your targeted online audience and presence

This is the time to strengthen your social media presence and content. Not only that, shoot videos, opt for influencers, and manage your social handles in a very exquisite way. In today’s world, a brand is only good as its online presence. Neglecting any aspect of social media will hamper the progress. For this reason, you should hire or contact digital professionals. They have cracked the code for this trade!

Try setting aside a budget from your incoming capital for them. In case doing that is not a valid option, you can bank on the services of alt-fin like that of Mantis Funding cash advance. These services help you in maintaining smooth cash flow.

Designing customer-centric campaigns

Directed sales campaigns are a big no for today’s customers. They love a story behind everything. A story that can convey the emotions of your product and its user, something that can connect with their hearts. Building a relationship with them is important. You can always generate leads; however, leads don’t retain customers.

This implies that your content for the campaign should be top-notch. Hence, expanding your budget to more long-term and indirect campaigns that focus on the value of the product.

Use of tech to personify the product

We live in an age of automation ruled by ML/AI. Our introduction to technology has enabled us to customize our customer service as per our customers. Hence, making customers our top priority. With their personal details, as provided by the customer, an SME owner can implement business ideas that can enhance their customer’s experience.

Having said that, taking the help of an alt-fin firm for cash liquidity is a wise decision considering that taking cash out can hamper the smoothness of incoming capital. Also, one can go to channels like that of Mantis Funding Complaints, where you can read and learn about different customer experiences. Hence, providing you a clear idea about the service and its benefits.

Digital Financing Has Been Liberating For The SMEs

SMEs are a dynamic force propelling the economy of every nation, and nowhere is this more apparent than in the evolving and ever-growing economy of the United States. It represents over half of the global GDP and employs nearly two-thirds of the worldwide workforce, and yet they have always received a dismissive bias from the incumbent banking industry for varied reasons.

However, the good news is that the SME segment is no longer strapped for choices when it comes to financing needs. A range of alternative financing companies like Mantis Funding Cash Advance is fast mushrooming to address the needs of this high potential space. Leveraging a combination of digital technology, enterprise software, and big data analytics, we can analyze the pattern of funding needs of this particular sector and offer highly competitive products and enhanced services.

The global investment in our Alt-lending companies accurately reflects their exponential rise. As per a U.S report, the total investment in our sector was U.S$12.21bn in 2014, triple the amount quoted for 2013, and since then, it has only grown manifold. It is accurately predicted that by the year 2030, 20% of the traditional set up of banks shall cease to exist, rest shall be just that, an anachronism in the digital age.

Emerging technologies and innovative business practices are fast revolutionizing the SME access to financial services:

Wider Range of Financial services: The road to SME Growth is filled with challenges and roadblocks right from inception. Once the start-up is taken care of, the next level of expansion/growth, or remodeling, or diversification or consolidation each has its own set of financing needs. Our online applications offering a range of short term and long term Cash advance facilities and automated underwriting of Cash Advances comes across as a lifesaving boon in such a changing scenario and makes possible, fast, and quick disbursement of funds a reality.

Technology At Finger-tips: Cloud-based accounting, digital payment facility, and automation of invoicing and settlement processes make the entire process transparent and hassle-free.

Digital Data Bank: Now, an extensive data pool of customers makes it possible to locate those companies with no history of credit record. Since Alt lending agencies like Mantis Funding use varied social media data and takes information from a range of tech records to build up their case, the customer history is much more holistic, well-rounded, and authentic.

Advanced Credit Scoring Models: Moreover, the tech-based credit scoring models fare far better than the traditional models at predicting risk on account of three major factors:

1. Behavioral variable and network indicators provide far more stable data than the older pattern of balance sheets.
2. Real-time transaction data is far more reliable than traditional finance indicators.
3. Machine learning methods analyze non-linear interactive relations among individual variables than do traditional linear models.

Faster, Quicker, And more Economical: Digitalization allows credit applications to be processed within record 24 hrs. At Mantis Funding the funding business is developed around the “310” model which allows a customer to fill in the application in less than 3 minutes, once it is approved the money is credited in his account within one second, and there is zero human intervention in the entire process, which also translates to make the entire process cost-effective since millions of cash advances are disbursed despite having less than 1000 core employees.

Digital Footprint: Alt-lending companies like Mantis Funding Cash Advance also help customers to build their own digital footprint and a good credit track record. The online availability of all data records of cash advances and repayments help to build a solid foundation for future funding base.

Leveling of the funding segment has been the biggest takeaway from the growth of our global Alt-lending agencies of business, and this has a much wider manifestation of the financial inclusion of the entire globe.

All You Need To Know About Mantis Funding Cash Advance Before Making A Financial Decision

Finding the right finance partner for your business is the key to its success. I have heard many small business owners complain about how difficult it is to find a reliable finance partner that meets all the requirements a business owner may have. Over the years, I have closely watched the alternative finance sector grow and have observed how business owners have reaped the benefits of easy credit access.

However, with the rapid growth of the alternative finance industry, I have also seen a large number of alternative finance companies that have mushroomed out of nowhere. While most of them provide transparency and a lot of flexibility, the biggest challenge is to find the right alternative finance lender who resonates with your organization’s needs. You need to be patient, put in a lot of effort in research, and invest time to find the right finance partner.

How to find the right finance partner?
Start with a thorough online search. With so much information available out there, we can do the basic screening online. Read reviews on topics like Mantis Funding complaints, what other business owners are talking about their preferred finance partners on social platforms, etc., to help you narrow down your search. Once you have made a note of the shortlisted companies, I usually suggest going for a face to face discussion.

For example, if you have shortlisted Mantis Funding Cash Advance, make a plan to meet them and talk face to face to understand their terms and conditions, application procedure, and, most importantly, if they meet the requirement of your business. A personal interaction also allows you to know their solutions better and figure out the one that works best for your business. Let’s think this way. You shortlisted two lenders and preferred one because of their flexibility above Mantis Funding.

But when you get to talk to someone from Mantis Funding in person, you realized that Mantis Funding Cash Advance provides a lot of options for personalization that can be custom made to meet your business needs. While a lot of online information is available, remember most of it is generalized content that might not fit your exact case. Only when you talk directly, you can explore different solutions that fit your issues.

Why Mantis Funding Cash Advance is a good idea for your business?
While there are many out there, Mantis Funding has helped many small business owners over the years to grow and take it to the next level. Partnering with Mantis Funding and taking advantage of their cash advance has helped many small businesses to get a competitive edge over their competitors.

But I don’t need a cash advance now!
If that’s what you are thinking, then let me tell you that business scenarios change. In this dynamic world, change is the only constant, and you never know when a crisis or an opportunity knocks on your door – leaving you scrambling for some quick cash. Knowing that Mantis Funding is there just a few clicks away will certainly give you some relief.

Alternative Lending Can Help Small Businesses Provide Top-Notch Customer Experience

“In the world of Internet customer service, it’s important to remember your competitor is only one mouse click away.”

I didn’t come up with that quote! Doug Warner, the Chairman of J.P. Morgan, owns that perfect gem! It describes precisely the situation every business faces – it doesn’t matter if you are a small store, a service-offering solopreneur, or an established medical practitioner – you will lose customers if you don’t engage with them.

I bet you are thinking, my work or my product matters more! If what I provide is excellent, then customers will stick with me. Well, yes. But the problem is that there is TOO much competition. Sooner or later, someone with a similar product or a better service will come around and walk away with your clients.

UNLESS you create customer loyalty! So, the fact is you can’t rest on the quality of your offerings alone, the market is changing, competition is increasing, and customers are becoming smarter and more demanding – investing in developing meaningful relationships and maintaining a positive brand image will help stabilize and grow your customer base.

So, what do you need to do?

1. Build a positive and targeted online presence: Get on social media, commission content, shoot videos, get a chatbot and manage your online reputation – you can’t just pick one or two of these; you HAVE to do ALL and do them WELL. This is not possible for you to manage in-house, which is why I recommend that you bring in the professionals.

Set aside a part of your marketing budget for this and, for the first few months, get some financial help from alternative lenders like Mantis Funding cash advance to ease up the cash flow.

2. Invest in customer care executives or train in-house employees: If someone finds you online and needs your services – they will call or drop a text. Make sure that you have a professional set-up in place to deal with incoming inquiries. Your business might not need a full-fledged call center, in which case, there are options to hire call center services on a pay-per-use model. Alternatively, you can train all your current staff to deal with calls and texts and ensure someone is manning the communication channels at all times.

3. Run customer-centric marketing campaigns: Don’t chase leads! Yeah! It sounds a bit counterproductive, but the latest reports show that customers prefer less direct sales methods. They want to build relationships before they spend their money. This means your advertising budget must stretch (or expand) to more indirect and long term campaigns that focus on delivering value and show the human face of the business.

4. Personalize, personalize, personalize: It’s the age of hyper customization! Automation and AI have made it easier to serve up a personalized form of customer service that makes interactions seamless. The aim is to reduce noise and save time – which creates stickiness for the brand. If your business allows it, then adding personal details to products is also excellent for nurturing brand loyalty.

Final Advice! : Invest in your customers today; it will 100% pay dividends later! Don’t let lack of money hold you back from implementing customer-centric business ideas – reach out to an alternative lender and pump in some cash to deliver enhanced customer experiences.

I have a fantastic partnership with Mantis Funding and have NO complaints! I used a series of Mantis Funding cash advances to invest in my business, and over time, it has paid off with over 20% bump in annual sales!

Call them. Give it a shot!

How to know that your finance partner is right for your business?

It is a well-known fact that having the right finance partner for your firm can work wonders for the venture’s growth. Furthermore, those who have worked in the alt-finance industry, they know the advantages SMEs have from this industry.

The biggest thing that every person receiving funds has experienced is that funders provide complete transparency during the process, are super flexible, and provide the best deals which suit the requirements of the business. Another plus point it offers is that the processing is extremely fast, which was not the case previously.

Nevertheless, getting the best offers for the company is not a cakewalk; it needs time, patience, and, most importantly, effort to find it. Finding the best alternative financer that can resonate with your firm’s requirements can take some time. Due to the crowded alt-fin sector, there is a high probability that you might not find the financer that serves the requirement you have. This is where you need to be patient.

If you can master these two aspects of this market, then you can understand how this market operates and also will have an insight into the repayment policies of different companies that will prove a deciding factor in getting a reduction in repayment cost.

Though services like that of Mantis Funding cash advance is business-friendly yet here are some tips that can be considered while selecting your financer:

Start from Google

Online is the best place to begin your search. A bot of doodling, going through pages like Mantis Funding, reading reviews on forums, and social media will surely help you in shortlisting a few companies.

Sometimes, you might encounter a few websites that don’t exactly list their funding offers and repayment costs; nevertheless, going through blogs and similar articles will help you gain an insight into the general idea those companies have to offer.

Call, meet and discuss

No matter how much you research online, an individual can only quench their queries by gaining actual information on the topic. This is the reason why you must check with the companies by calling and perhaps, by meeting and discussing with them. While doing this, do check the APRs, the procedure for application approval, and required documents. If possible, do try to get some similar information from all the shortlisted companies.

Comparing and negotiating

After doing the aforementioned things, you will see how easy it will become for you to figure out which service is best suited for your requirements. For example, you might come across many services, but you found that Mantis Funding cash advance service exactly matches your needs, then it will be easy for you to discuss with them and negotiate with them to get a better deal.

Funding Deal Details

Financing deals like that of Mantis Funding cash advance provide a lot of options for personalization. Firms like Mantis Funding are experts in tailoring a cash advance deal that matches your amount and their repayment terms and timelines to suit your needs.

Do follow these tips as these guidelines can work well for an alt-financier!

How merchant cash advance service is helping in SME’s business growth?

The procedure of paying a lump sum amount of money in advance against an invoice is called a merchant cash advance service. Merchant cash advance service comes very handily, especially when a small or medium cap businessman requires some fast cash. This service offers quick pay-outs, thus reducing the waiting time, which is a common experience among the businessmen in a traditional funding environment.

Related image

Apart from all this, the biggest and the most significant benefit that you, as a businessman, can experience with Mantis Funding cash advance services is that it lets you receive cash against your future earnings. In this way, you will get the money in your hand whenever and wherever your business requires it the most.

What are the benefits of opting for cash advance services?

● Designed to suit and boost your business services.
● No strict requirements.
● High chances of approval.
● Less paperwork, faster service.
● Business owners can expect cash within 24 hours of approval.
● No need for staking assets as collaterals.

Working of merchant cash advance service:

Growth and cash are two basic things for any business. Many would also agree that they are co-related. How? When there is regular cash flow, there is growth and vice versa. However, in the long run of the venture, a businessman will face situations where cash flow may not be regular.

This is where you need fast cash. It is like an energy bar that gives an extra boost to halted operations. Be it a sudden need to purchase equipment or investing in some future location, Mantis Funding cash advance services have got you covered. The intriguing thing about Cash advances is the fact that you will get cash within 24-72 hours! That is, you don’t have to wait for a long time to do what’s best for your business.

How to repay the advance cash?

Merchant cash providers have designed an easy and smooth system for repayment. Firms like Mantis Funding with cash advance services provide you with the option of repaying them by a certain percent of your credit card’s daily deposit.

How do I know that I qualify for this service?

Qualifying for this type of funding is easier and faster than any other kind of traditional funding. The pre-requisites are relaxed, and the process of getting approval is super easy. Most of the funders don’t need paperwork for this process!

However, you need to maintain the past few ‘months’ bank statements so that your approval of the application is done quickly.

How to get the rate that suits my business?

This requires you to do your homework. To get the best rate, you need to have your options open and find a deal that resonates well with your business.

But before that you need to familiarize yourself with two terms:

Factor fee: Similar to the interest rate. This ranges between 1.4 and 1.8.

Holdback: In this, a certain portion of your daily credit or debit card sale is deducted from your bank to the merchant cash provider. This happens until the fund taken is repaid. The percentage lies between 10-20 percent.

As stated, cash is vital for growth. So, one should not compromise with this aspect and consult funding companies like Mantis Funding for their services. However, before coming to any decisions, the businessman should go through pages like Mantis Funding Complaints to understand what the company is all about.

Why Is Alt-Financing An Optimal Solution For Small Businesses?

Starting a business is a tough task for anyone. However, if the owner is persistent and patient, then this tough job can be a rewarding process. Though a master plan is very important for the success of any business, it is the financial quotient which plays a pivoting role in the growth of the venture.

The landscape of the finance industry has changed in the last decade, and it is still transforming. And in this transformation, it is the small businesses that have struggled to meet the guidelines of the traditional lenders. Thus, they are opting for non-bank financing resources to explore different financing options as per their requirements. Furthermore, going by numbers, two-thirds of these businesses favor quick and paperless process to receive funds.

Besides, these financing firms have armed small business owners against the rising challenges of gaining access to capital. By taking care of their financial needs, firms like Mantis Funding have helped small businesses to grow in number and become more competitive in today’s edgy market.

However, with all the focus on alternative financers, one is bound to wonder when is the right time for small businessmen to pursue this option?

Of course, when things are running smoothly, a businessman will feel that there is hardly a need to contact alternative financers. Howbeit, no one has seen the future! No one knows when an unexpected opportunity or crisis will come knocking on the door, asking for quick cash. Yes, there will be some reserve funds in the account but ask yourself which option is wiser for your business 一 emptying your pocket for a short-term complexity or getting some quick funds from firms like Mantis Funding to keep the reserve fund intact and to ensure an even flowing process throughout?

The second one sounds better. Even a restaurant owner with strong growth, solid revenue, and great profitability, will look up to these firms for some cash advance in less time. This will make sure that the business owner can continue his/her venture’s expansion.

Apart from this, in most cases, this quick access to capital provides the owner with a sense of freedom, which replicates in businessman’s flexibility to take advantage of situations where he/she can manage their venture’s growth. Further, they get to learn how to handle the upcoming expansion opportunities and extra cash.

Furthermore, if one sees some of the recent online Mantis Funding Reviews, they will get an idea that coupling with these financial firms is a reasonable option for small business owners.

Doing this produces n-number of benefits for a businessman, bridging the gap of the owner and extra funds being the highlighted benefit among them. This is like having a partner who willingly shares the burden of expenditure so that the venture can thrive in the longer run.

In addition to this, unlike traditional lenders, these non-bank financing firms are flexible in their repayment approach, which augurs well for the businessmen.